Our boats are designed using durable light weight, high strength materials combined with high degree of efficient quality control measures, production experience and management skills. Our design is adoptable for use by foreign navy, coast guard, drug interdiction, rescue agencies and several commercial application - i.e., work boats passenger vessels and dive boats.

Rescue Boats designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested for various rescue mission caused by natural  calamity. These  craft  range  in  length  from 10 feet (3.30 meters)  to 18  feet  (5.40 meters)  and  is  available  in  both fiberglass and aluminum boats. These  boats  are  optimized  to  provide maximum efficiency and safety during rescue operations.

TRETON™ Responder Series


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Military Marine Craft designed, engineered,  manufactured  and  tested  for various mission profiles operating in a defined theater of operations. Our boats can be utilized for VBSS Operations, Rescue Operations,  Emergency  Response, Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) compliance,  Riverine  patrol  boats and Troop carrier boats, Port and Shore Line patrol boat  sand  several  custom built boats for specific applications such as  high  performance/  high  speed  craft. These craft range in length from 18 feet  (5.40 meters)  to  more than  40 feet (12 meters)and available in both fiberglass and aluminum.

TRETON™ Explorer Series


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