Military Marine Craft designed, engineered,  manufactured  and  tested  for various mission profiles operating in a defined theater of operations. Our boats can be utilized for VBSS Operations, Rescue Operations,  Emergency  Response, Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) compliance,  Riverine  patrol  boats and Troop carrier boats, Port and Shore Line patrol boat  sand  several  custom built boats for specific applications such as  high  performance/  high  speed  craft. These craft range in length from 18 feet  (5.40 meters)  to  more than  40 feet (12 meters)and available in both fiberglass and aluminum.

TRETON™ Explorer Series

Boat Capacity      

Estimated Lightship Weight

Beam, Over-all  

Length, Over-all



24 ft. - 0 in.

9 ft. - 0 in.

3,800 lbs.

18 Persons

  • Choice of colors – i.e., International Orange, Haze Gray, White, Dark Gray, Black etc. or two Tone colors – i.e., White/orange, Dark Blue / Gray etc.

  • Single or Twin* Engine Applications;  Inboard Engine (Diesel or Gas) Configuration with matching Water Jet or Outdrive Units, Outboard Gas Motor Engines

  • Main Cabin with Windows*

  • Cabin with AC system*

  • Safety Handrail Packages

  • Aft Rail System

  • Open Type Vessels

  • Aluminum Welded Construction or FRP Construction

  • Certified Four Point Lift with Sling

  • Certified Single Point Lift

  • SOLAS Single Point Release Hook

  • Certified Two Point Lift

  • Camouflage Configuration*

  • Self-Righting Capability*

  • Fire Pump*

  • SOLAS Compliant Boats

  • Rescue Equipment

  • Boat Outfit Equipment

  • 12 volt Electrical System


Length, Over-all

Estimated Lightship Weight

Boat Capacity      

20 Persons

6,450 lbs.

9 ft. - 8 in.

28 ft. - 6 in.


TS - 700

TS - 800

Beam, Over-all

TS - 1100

Boat Capacity      

Estimated Lightship Weight

Beam, Over-all

Length, Over-all



36 ft. - 6 in.

12 ft. - 0 in.

14,500 lbs.

28 Persons

Partial List of Available Options

  • 12 /24 volt Isolated Ground Electrical System

  • Gun Post and Mount with ammunition storage

  • Rotating Blue Light

  • TRETON™ Red Box Electrical System

  • IEEE Cable and wire upgrade

  • High Capacity Remote Controlled Spot Light

  • Loud Hailer

  • Integrated Radar System

  • LED Light Upgrades

  • On Board Communication System

  • VHF and UHF Radios

  • Transceivers and Receivers

  • Forward Looking Infrared Camera with monitor

  • Man Overboard Indicator System

  • Portable Toilet System

  • Canopy System Cover

  • Crew and Passenger Seat Packages

  • Battery Chargers and Cell Phone Outlets

  • Boat Trailers Packages

  • In-Country Personnel Training for Boat Operation, Maintenance and Repair

  • Test Data Packages

  • Spare Parts Packages

  • Maintenance Packages

Please contact us for a full list of available options.

*Applies to certian boat model only.


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